Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy to Create Closing

They say all good things must come to an end and that when one door closes another opens. I am very sad that Happy to Create is closing, but looking forward to what the next step is. I am so grateful to have gotten a chance to work with this team of amazing designers and have the chance to learn from the incredibly talented Valerie Randall. It has been a true privilege and honor to have worked such a happy environment full of fun, compassion and love. I’ve gained the most wonderful group of friends and am so blessed that will never change.

I thank all of you who have supported me. I do not know what the future holds, but I hope that you will keep in touch with me through Facebook and my blog (which I will work on updating and keeping up with) until I find a new design home or wherever my creativity leads me. So this is certainly not goodbye but hello to whatever comes next.

Check out our final sale, all products are 45% off. This is the last chance to pick up amazing products before they are gone forever. The doors close at midnight June 30th.