Friday, March 27, 2009


Boy am I happy for Friday! It's been a long week and a very busy one too!

Tuesday the new TV came. WOW! It's fanastic. We have to go get a HD cable box to hook to it tomorrow. The picture with the regular cable box is good so the HD should be spectacular. Even the cats seem to like it. We watched a movie on it last night and that was good too.

Sig (one of the partners I work for) found out that his last treatment didn't work and now has to explore more options for his cancer. He's starting a new drug this week to see if they can control (or even hopefully shrink) the spots on his lungs. Of course the biggest hope is that they will stop any more spots from forming on his brain. So far he's been lucky that they've been able to zap the small ones he had with radiation because they were located in a "good" position. Anyhow, discouraging news ... but not the worst it could have been at this point.

The Kodiak dinner was on Wednesday night. Big turnout and everyone seemed to have fun. It was our last official thing with them so we are ready for a new chapter now. Ollie is gearing up for spring season and tryouts. We have a couple of weeks to get him ready for the first tryout. There is a glice facility out in Fairfield and we are going to check it out tomorrow. You can rent a shooting late in 1/2 hour increments with or without an instructor. Please send good luck vibes his way for the tryouts!

Work hasn't been so great lately. It's just not pleasant at all any more. It's a bad time to make a change so I'm trying to be happy and hang in. Hopefully things will improve.

Ok, enough babbling from me. Still not feeling creative at all ... so nothing new on the design front.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boy is it Monday!

Sheesh, Monday has attacked me with a vengeance this morning. I went from being in very good shape when I left work on Friday to being completely buried under more work than I know what to do with this morning. Didn't see this one coming! However I have a job when so many are losing their jobs so I'll just take one project at a time and find a way to get it all done.

We got a new sofa and recliners on Saturday! We had ordered them before going to Delaware last weekend for tournament. Funny thing was I got the automated system on Thursday that told me they would deliver between 12:17 and 3:17 p.m. on Saturday. Thank goodness I got up early and got going on things. Don and Ollie moved all the old furniture out and we emptied the whole living room so I could vacuum and mop the floors. The furniture showed up at 11:00 a.m. WOW early! Cool that they were early (our luck is usually very late), good thing I was ahead of schedule and ready for them. Here's a peek at the new stuff ...

LOVE it! Looks great and is super comfy. The sofa is a recliner on both sides so Ollie is a totally happy camper. We have a new TV stand and will get the new TV delivered tomorrow. Yayyy to new stuff in the living room. The old stuff should have gone years ago and our TV has been hanging on by a thread for over a year. We can't turn it off any more because it takes a day or more to get it back on now.
Anyhow, Saturday was taking care of the living room and going and ordering the TV. Sunday was grocery day. I can't remember the last time we made a real trip to the grocery store. We've been sort of limping along with picking up the absolute gotta haves since we both got sick. It was nice to replenish the cabinets. And makes me even happier that I picked up some yummy sushi for my lunch today!
Still not finding any creativity on the design front. I'm really struggling with it right now. I'm inspired by so many things and yet when I open PhotoShop and try to get started I draw a huge block. I totally understand what writers go through when they get writers block!
Enough babble for now... time to get back to work.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Humpy Day!

It's Wonderful Wednesday at Digitals and I'm celebrating by having a sale today for 30% off all my designs. Check them out!

Please come shop, it's a great deal and I need to get my design mojo back!

Back from the hockey tournament and finished printing 169 5x7 photos for the team dinner next week. After I deliver the photos this evening, I am officially retired as team manager! I've done it for three years now and it feels good to be done for now.

I found a spring team for Ollie to play on. Kodiak was having trouble getting enough kids signed up to field a spring team. I can't take the chance that he doesn't have ice for the spring so I found him a spot at Floyd Hall. Good news is I was able to have him put on a team with one of his friends from the high school team. We have the Kodiak dinner next week and the high school dinner the following week. Then the fall/winter season is officially wrapped up. Spring he will play on the team at Floyd Hall and do clinics on Sunday mornings with the high school team. Spring is much lower key so it's more of a fun season. More about keeping them on the ice and keeping their legs than anything else.

Tryouts for travel hockey next fall are in mid April. He is going to be trying out for a new team so send lots of good luck vibes our way!

Hopefully I'll now have time to get back into doing more designing. Give me a few more days to get back on track and hopefully I'll be a much better blogger.

Hugs to all!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yep... I'm still alive!

We were super sick with the flu at our house and it's been a tough recovery. The end of the high school hockey season was super crazy and now we are heading to Delaware for the travel team's tournament. THEN the fall/winter hockey season is officially over. Well except for the awards dinners for both travel and the high school.

This is a super condensed version, but all I have time for. We leave tonight for tournament.

Hopefully I'll be back to "normal" starting Monday.

Hugs to all!

Monday, March 2, 2009