Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Humpy Day!

It's Wonderful Wednesday at Digitals and I'm celebrating by having a sale today for 30% off all my designs. Check them out!

Please come shop, it's a great deal and I need to get my design mojo back!

Back from the hockey tournament and finished printing 169 5x7 photos for the team dinner next week. After I deliver the photos this evening, I am officially retired as team manager! I've done it for three years now and it feels good to be done for now.

I found a spring team for Ollie to play on. Kodiak was having trouble getting enough kids signed up to field a spring team. I can't take the chance that he doesn't have ice for the spring so I found him a spot at Floyd Hall. Good news is I was able to have him put on a team with one of his friends from the high school team. We have the Kodiak dinner next week and the high school dinner the following week. Then the fall/winter season is officially wrapped up. Spring he will play on the team at Floyd Hall and do clinics on Sunday mornings with the high school team. Spring is much lower key so it's more of a fun season. More about keeping them on the ice and keeping their legs than anything else.

Tryouts for travel hockey next fall are in mid April. He is going to be trying out for a new team so send lots of good luck vibes our way!

Hopefully I'll now have time to get back into doing more designing. Give me a few more days to get back on track and hopefully I'll be a much better blogger.

Hugs to all!

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