Tuesday, September 30, 2008

psssttttttt ...

Do you hear the Birthday Blog Blowout heading down the tracks????? The party starts tomorrow!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday ....

Eeeekkkk where did the weekend go???? We were super busy over the weekend and it flew by so fast I couldn't believe it when the alarm went off this morning. Good news is the sun is shining and the rain finally stopped. What a dreary weekend and overly hot and humid. I'm looking forward to cool and crisp fall days. We are seeing a little peek of color in the trees.

Two games this weekend. Ollie played and was super sore after Saturday night, but seemed to do better last night. I'm hoping we've finally turned the corner on the Achilles tendon problem for him. Maybe if we keep him out of dryland training and practice this week we'll get him to 100%. I'm sure hoping! Sunday's game we were short a bunch of players. He played a ton of time in the game and came out ok, that's a good sign. He goes to the trainer after school today for a check in, we'll see what he thinks.

I'm furiously trying to finish up my grab bag for the Digitals birthday party this week. Two parts are done and have been for a bit now. I'm having so much fun on the 3rd piece (hint: it's a kit!) that I can't seem to finish it up. I'm going to have to call it done today and get it packaged and ready to go. Let's just say my bag will be a bargain! I've got to get it done so I can get to work on my blog train... I already know what it's going to be, it's just getting the work done. LOL

I talked to my Dad last night. I didn't know he and Mom were following my blog. Soooo a big shout out to the folks! They are leaving Alaska today and heading back to Washington. No cell reception while going through Canada, but maybe they'll see the blog if they get internet at some point. Here's a really great picture of Ollie from the first game this season. I'm through editing two of the games so far, the rest will follow as soon as I get everything done design wise.

Ok, lots of work to get done and lots of design stuff.....

Enjoy life!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a Wacky Wednesday & Fabulous Fall Sale!!!!

Stop by my store now and do some fabulous fall shopping! 30% off fall goodies to celebrate Autumn.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look what's coming ...

It's going to be a great bash, so mark your calendar to check in for all the fun. I will be participating in the grab bag and blog train. Sisters by Heart is also putting in a grab bag. You don't want to miss them!

It's crazy around here, so much to do and definitely not enough hours to get it done. Lots of hard stuff going on too. Sig (one of my bosses) has had the cancer re-appear in two spots on his lung, a new development is that they also just found three very tiny spots on his brain. Needless to say work is hectic and very stressful at the moment. We've had several injuries with hockey on the travel team so far. We have one player with a broken right ankle, one with a deeply cut (to the bone... think lots and lots of blood) right ankle that got stepped on with a skate in Saturday's nights game and Ollie with what we think is a strained achilles tendon on his right ankle. Sound like we have a right ankle issue going on???? Poor Ollie has been limping around since last week. We think something happened in dryland and it just got more and more sore and irritated. He's going to see the trainer after school today for his opinion. Walking and running is very painful, but skating doesn't seem to bother him as much because it's a much different motion.

Ok, too much to do... not enough hours... better get busy! Wish me luck!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Sisters by Heart ~ Signature Kit

Sisters by Heart are excited to present our newest kit - our signature kit - SISTERS BY HEART! The perfect kit for your sisters and your sisters by heart relationships!


Monday, September 15, 2008

It was a busy weekend ....

WOW, where did the weekend go? It flew by in a hurry.

Ollie had dryland training and then a practice on Friday. Seemed like the door was a revolving one with us coming and going. Saturday he had dryland in the morning and then a game at 6:30. We made a huge grocery trip and finally stocked up on so much we were out of. The last time we made a major trip was in July right after vacation. Since then it's been just stopping for the "gotta haves". It was good to get it all taken care of. Nicole went with us to Ollie's game Saturday night. We took them to dinner afterwards. They are really fun together.

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. I spent the morning make a quadruple batch of stuffed peppers. We got a ton of them all at once. I got the stuffing made, blanced the peppers and filled them. I froze them overnight and will put them into packages and vacuum seal them this afternoon. I made 2 batches of banana bread on Saturday and pancakes (from scratch) for hubby's breakfast yesterday I love to cook when I have the time, unfortunately it's not often enough. We weren't able to go to the restaurant he picked ... when we got there it was closed for renovation. Ended up at one of our favorite Italian restaurants for his birthday instead. He wouldn't let us tell them it was his birthday and sing to him. He loved his gift! We gave him tickets to see Young Frankenstein on Broadway in October. It's one of his favorite movies so I hope he ends up enjoying the play.
In the bad news department, our air conditioner downstairs stopped working about 2 weeks ago, we've been getting along ok without it, but this past weekend was HOT HOT HOT! Our house was about 82 degrees inside when we went to bed last night. As a result I got almost no sleep at all and am super tired today. Here's hoping the summer weather ends and some cooler weather rolls in very very soon! I NEED sleep!
Hugs to all!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Yeah I know... still being bad blogger.

Been a busy week with Ollie's hockey, getting caught up with some stuff at work and working on some design stuff you can't see yet. I'm working on a grab bag for Digital's B'Day celebration in October. Also, look for a Sisters by Heart kit coming out late next week. DeDe and I are also doing a grab bag together for the B'Day celebration. There will also be a birthday blog train that week. See lots going on... but no peeks yet! LOL I also have about 400-500 pictures to edit and post for the team with last weekends games. Better get that done as we have a game tomorrow and there will be more.

If I don't make it back before Monday... have a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Upside Down and Inside Out ...

Whew, so I'm a terrible blogger lately! It's been crazy since we've been home from Boston and I'm not quite into a good routine yet. School started on Wednsday, Ollie had practice on Wednesday and his first games over the weekend. Hubby started with a cold the day we were coming home from Boston and I've been sick since Thursday. Ugghhhh it's a nasty nasty head cold going around. I was really terribly miserable Thursday through Saturday. I'm feeling a lot better than I was, but still not very good. Anyhow, it's not helping me get caught up on things and into the routine of the school year and hockey season.
I did manage to get hubby's wallpaper done for September. Yeah, I know a few days late! However, he wanted the pictures from our whale watching trip in Boston for the wallpaper. He was so excited to finally see a whale!
Hockey was good over the weekend. They lost the 1st game, the 2nd game got cancelled due to Hurricane Hannah and they won the game on Sunday. I've got about 500 pictures from the 2 games to process and get posted for the team. Hubby must be getting better with the camera though, lots less edit work to do on these. I'm considering whether I should upgrade Lightroom to the new version out. Anyone out there already upgraded and have an opinion on it?
Lots going on design wise, but nothing I can tell you much about yet. I'm working on a grab bag for Digitals birthday in October. Also, I'm working on another kit with DeDe that I've got to get finished up this week. It will be called Sisters by Heart after our design name and will be our signature kit. Also, we are working on a grab bag together for the birthday bash as well. Oh, and there will be a blog train during the birthday celebration too! Sooooo I've got lots of deadlines at the moment.
Better get busy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can you believe ...

It's the 1st day of school for Ollie and he's a sophomore????????? WHERE has the time gone? Made him pose for the traditional 1st day of school pictures this morning. We were laughing because we could see Hillary down on the corner taking Dani's 1st day pix outside too.

Boston was fantastic. We really enjoyed it and saw lots of great stuff. Of course there was no way we could see everything, it's definitely a go back to kind of place. We visited Gloucester, Salem, Boston, Lexington and Concord. It was a great weekend and much needed trip away from everything.

I'm super behind and a little panicked in the design arena. I've go so many deadlines and not sure what to do first. I'm need to organize, make a list and then I'll figure out a way to get it done.

Ollie has practice tonight and then his first game on Friday. We have games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend so it's head first into the season for us. I'm still trying to get my volunteers lined up and paperwork sorted. I'm going to print off a bunch of stuff this afternoon and then work on it at practice tonight.

I need to get hubby's September wallpaper done and a layout for the 1st day of school done too. I'll try to get back with pictures of Boston and the 1st day of school laters.