Monday, September 15, 2008

It was a busy weekend ....

WOW, where did the weekend go? It flew by in a hurry.

Ollie had dryland training and then a practice on Friday. Seemed like the door was a revolving one with us coming and going. Saturday he had dryland in the morning and then a game at 6:30. We made a huge grocery trip and finally stocked up on so much we were out of. The last time we made a major trip was in July right after vacation. Since then it's been just stopping for the "gotta haves". It was good to get it all taken care of. Nicole went with us to Ollie's game Saturday night. We took them to dinner afterwards. They are really fun together.

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. I spent the morning make a quadruple batch of stuffed peppers. We got a ton of them all at once. I got the stuffing made, blanced the peppers and filled them. I froze them overnight and will put them into packages and vacuum seal them this afternoon. I made 2 batches of banana bread on Saturday and pancakes (from scratch) for hubby's breakfast yesterday I love to cook when I have the time, unfortunately it's not often enough. We weren't able to go to the restaurant he picked ... when we got there it was closed for renovation. Ended up at one of our favorite Italian restaurants for his birthday instead. He wouldn't let us tell them it was his birthday and sing to him. He loved his gift! We gave him tickets to see Young Frankenstein on Broadway in October. It's one of his favorite movies so I hope he ends up enjoying the play.
In the bad news department, our air conditioner downstairs stopped working about 2 weeks ago, we've been getting along ok without it, but this past weekend was HOT HOT HOT! Our house was about 82 degrees inside when we went to bed last night. As a result I got almost no sleep at all and am super tired today. Here's hoping the summer weather ends and some cooler weather rolls in very very soon! I NEED sleep!
Hugs to all!

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