Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's just another manic Monday ....


ummmm yeah... I'm still here. Just super busy and completely void of creativity. Blah


HELP! I need my mojo back.. this stinks.

Hope everyone is feeling much much much more creative than me.

Have a fantastic beginning of the week!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I've got my photos for my Project 365 taken but need to catch up on the posting. I'm working on my first week's layout also... so hopefully that comes soon.

I think I've found a little creative mojo, but it's not flowing abundantly yet. Baby steps I suppose.

Found out a couple of days ago that Mom is having a knee replacement surgery next Tuesday. She's super nervous and worried about it. She injured this leg in a bad motorcycle accident when she was 16 and they had a hard time saving her leg. It's simply amazing that this knee (which has no knee cap) has lasted this long. I think she's so used to pain and problems from it that she doesn't realize how bad it really is. She'll probably be amazed how much better things are once she heals from the surgery.

Ollie has a JV game today, a Varsity game tomorrow and that awful 6:15 a.m. Varsity practice on Sunday. We are expecting a decent size snow storm tomorrow ... so the game and early practice may be up in the air.

More to come later when I catch up my Project 365 stuff.

Oh.... and I almost forgot. I had a lovely comment the other day asking if I would be offering my Balance word art. I am more than happy to share my word for this year and will try to get it up this weekend.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365: Day 7

I finally got hubby's wallpaper done for January. Yeah yeah... I know it's late. I started making him a monthly wallpaper a couple of years ago and now he "demands" one every month. Every once in a while he'll request something specific, but most of the time it's up to me as to what's on it. He likes it best if there's a calendar on it though. This is a picture we took of Spenser back in November, he's inside a box inside another box. Bring any box into the house and he's the first one trying to find a way to get in it. What a cutie!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Project 365: Day 6

Yummmm fresh berries! We went to Costco last night and came home with tons of fruits and veggies. I love when I can find a decent price on blackberries and raspberries. It's like a wonderful treat to have them on my cereal for breakfast or in a small bowl along with toast or an English Muffin. One of Ollie's favorites too! Not to mention a beautiful eye candy photo!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Project 365: Day 5

Today is Monday for the first official full week of 2009. Part of my goal to find more balance is to keep better track of what needs to be done each day. Today I'm starting to write a "to do" list for each day. Not EVERYTHING that I need to do, just the important things for the day. Not a huge list or huge unreasonable expectations, instead a sensible guide so I don't forget little things or it pushes me to get that one more thing done before sitting down in the evening. It is also not meant to be a guilt trip if I don't complete the entire list... again just a guideline for the day. Sort of like pirate rules... not so much rules but more like guidelines. I love that line from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!

The only thing I haven't completely decided is whether I want to do a list on the computer each day, or a handwritten one in a journal. I'd also like to start tracking my food each day as well, but I'm going to get a handle on the to do list first.

2009 Word

I too have been reading a lot of blogs about choosing a word for 2009. Ali Edwards chooses a word each year and I think it's great inspiration. I've been struggling with what my word should be, having an idea in my head but not finding the right word for it. AND then I read my dear friend (my true digital sister always!), DeDe Smith's blog and it hit me that she had chosen the word I was searching for.

Balance ...

That's my word and goal for 2009... to strike a better balance in all areas of my life. It's something I struggle with so hopefully this will help me to focus on becoming better at it. Thank you DeDe for inspiring me with the perfect word!
I decided a little late that I'm going to try and do the 365 Day Photo challenge also. I took a photo this morning and have some photos from the past few days so I can play catch up. I'm not always good at long term challenges, but I'm going to try it and see where it goes. I'll try and post that a little later today.

Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2009 ~ Scraplift Challenge @ Digitals

Wonderful job to everyone who participated in December's challenge. The response was wonderful and everyone did such a beautiful job. This is such a fun challenge to run, I love everyone's creativity.

This month I chose a layout entitled "50th Wedding Anniversary" by daileys2. I love the torn edge, photo and journaling on this layout. Not only eye pleasing, but a very special memory captured.

You can find this layout here. You can also find her gallery here.

I hope you can find some inspiration in this layout to scraplift. Be sure to include at least three items by Digitals designers in your layout to be eligible for the prize.

When you've completed your layout, post it to the Scraplift Gallery, then come back and post a link to your page to this thread. This gives us all a chance to oooh and aaah over your layout. It will also help me to make sure that I don't miss sending out anyone's posting bonus.

Here is a preview of your prize this month.

Have fun and I can't wait to see what you do with this challenge!

To participate in the challenge, the thread for it can be found here. Be sure to check out all the challenges at Digitals each month to pick up pieces to a full mega kit by the fabulous designers!


Just a quick Friday post to check in for the new year. It was back to work for me today ... but not so bad since it's a Friday. I'm buried in tons of things to get done, but I'm plugging through it one task at a time and it's going well. Not sure what Don and Ollie are up to, I suspect they snuck off to the movies without me.

We are getting a few flurries and it's super cold out there.

I've been debating new years resolutions (which I usually fail at miserably) and have decided on some general resolutions. I'm not going to put too many specifics because that's what trips me up. So my general resolutions are to get healthier this year, more organized and better at managing my time. The better at managing my time means spending more time with Don and Ollie, more time doing fun things for myself and getting more of my own scrapbook pages done (not just designing).

I'm still up in the air over designing sometimes. As much as I love doing it, I do wonder sometimes if it's worth the time I put into it.

Well off to finish up some work and get out of here for the weekend. Ollie has Varsity practice this evening, a Varsity game tomorrow and Varsity practice at 6:15 a.m. on Sunday. Next week is packed with hockey so we will have to stay on top of the schedule and laundry!

I'm hoping to start getting the stuff for the hockey year book I'm doing the layout for. So far they haven't given me anything and I'm getting nervous that I'm going to get slammed right at deadline.

Enjoy the day!