Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation time .....

Time flies when you're running around trying to get everything in order for vacation!  Everything is packed, my desk is clean, the house/cat sitter is all set up and we hit the road this afternoon.  I'm so excited to get away, especially to the beach for lots of fun and relaxation.

Tomorrow I'm participating in the Wonderful Wednesday sale and everything in my store will be 40% off.  That includes my Freedom Rings Apha, Freedom Rings Bundle and God's Majestic Melody CD Album that were added to my store last Friday.  Hurry and shop, it's for one day only!

I'll be taking lots of photos during vacation and hopefully will have wonderful ones to share when we get back.  I don't know if I'll be posting at all while we're away, so I'm wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!

Let's get this party started!

Friday, June 18, 2010


The week has flown by and boy am I glad it's Friday! 

Ollie has taken a huge interest in the World Cup so far.  It's funny because he played soccer (both travel and rec) and loved it until he started playing hockey.  He dropped soccer immediately and never looked back.  It's interesting to see him showing an interest again all the sudden.  Although he loves any type of world competition.  He loves both summer and winter olympics.  Watched this past winter olympics every chance he got.  He's got a list of who he wants to see win for World Cup.  It should come as no suprise that England is his top and ultimate pick.  Kid loves everything to do with England.

Tonight we are going to see the Scorpions at the PNC Arts Center.  I couldn't believe when Ollie started telling me all about this great group that is doing a farewell tour.  I laughed when he told me who because I loved them years and years ago when I was a kid.  I remember visiting Dad when I was 13 and going to the beach for family camp out.  I had their Blackout album on tape and listened to it over and over and over again while laying in the sun on the beach.  Ollie's teacher told him not to be surprised if instead of "Rock You Like a Hurricane", they are more now like a rain storm or sprinkle! LOL  Should be a good concert, I'm excited to go.

Ollie has spring hockey playoffs this weekend.  Between those, the concert, Father's Day and one of his friends graduation party .... it's gonna be a busy weekend.  Also need to start packing some stuff for our trip to Myrtle Beach.  We've had a list going for months now so it should be pretty easy to start putting together.  We got smart this year and got a carrier thing for the roof to put the beach chairs, etc. in.  Will make packing the other stuff in the car easier.

Ok.... off to finish things up so that I can get out of here on time today.  I'm off on Monday since it's the last day of school (1/2 day) and Ollie and I have a tradition to uphold.  Figure since Don is home too that we'll do lunch and a movie or something this year.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Monday again ....

Woke and discovered it was Monday.  How did that happen???

Not sure where the last week went either.  Guess I was either too busy, or just didn't have anything to say. LOL

Weekend was good and of course definitely not long enough.  Ollie took his final SAT Saturday before last and has finals this week.  I know he's looking forward to a little down time.

My mojo appears to be hiding on me again.  Anyone seen it???????

Friday, June 4, 2010


Love this photo that hubby took.  Look at the bee hovering near the rose.  Fantastic picture that needs a scrap page!

It's been a long and crazy week!  I'm glad the weekend is here and I'm hoping for a better one that the last one.  I think we are having some major "growing pains" and adjustments with hubby's "retirement".  Hopefully we get it figured out and everyone finds a happy medium.

Hoping our next big house project will be to finish up the siding on the outside.  It's a definite eyesore and I'm surprised that our neighbors haven't seriously complained by now.  I know hubby wants to tackle Ollie's room, but he really wants it to wait until SAT/finals, etc. and school is out before we start displacing him and his room.  Ollie knows how long the dining room took and I think it makes him a little nervous.  I can understand that, but his room really is a paint job, baseboard and a new ceiling fan.  I think if we work hard at it, we could have it done in a couple of days ... week max.

Counting down the days until vacation!  I can't wait to get away and enjoy the beach and sunshine.  We have a running list going of what we need to take with.  Finally broke down and bought a carrier bag for the roof so that we can put the chairs and beach stuff up there instead of overpacking inside the truck.  Trying to plan what kind of kitchen things we need to take.  I want to make sure that hubby enjoys himself and gets to cheat some, but we do need to watch his sugar so we'll need to plan our eating more carefully than usual.  Hoping we will get some gym time in, plenty of swimming and lots and lots of walking on the beach.

Have it all set up for someone to house and cat sit.  Glad that's taken care of so we have no worries about that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Sale ...

Hurry on over to check out my Wonderful Wednesday Sale! Save 35% off EVERYTHING in my store today only.  That's 35% off even the kits and bundles I added last week. The bundles are already discounted so with 35% off, it's a huge bargain.

Run, don't walk.... hurry and shop today!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010 ~ Scraplift Challenge

Join me at Digitals for this month's scraplift challenge! You can find the thread here.


Wow, summer is sneaking in fast as the school days here wind down. It's getting plenty hot and everything is growing like crazy. Can't wait until we have all those fresh veggies from the garden.

Great layouts in response to last months challenge! This is such a fun challenge to run, everyone is so creative and I love all the different takes on the layouts each month.

Every month I set aside and mark as layouts I might want to use for the scraplift challenge but I always take a fresh cruise through recent layouts before choosing one. As I went browsing this morning this layout jumped out immediately and screamed "pick me... pick me"! It's a fantastic layout with so many fun elements to it, great movement and perfect colors for the photo. This month I chose Jessica & Ethan by snowowl551. There is loads of inspiration here!

You can find this layout here. You can also find her gallery here. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... she has some gorgeous layouts, be sure to stop by and leave her some love.

I hope you can find some inspiration in this layout to scraplift. Be sure to include at least three items by Digitals designers in your layout to be eligible for the prize.

When you've completed your layout, post it to the Scraplift Gallery, then come back and post a link to your page to this thread. This gives us all a chance to oooh and aaah over your layout. It will also help me to make sure that I don't miss sending out anyone's posting bonus.

Here is a preview of your prize this month.

Have fun and I can't wait to see what you do with this challenge!

It's finished ....

The dining room is finished and it's gorgeous! A few things to put away yet and need to rehang the pictures on the wall.  Everything else is done 100%.  Hubby did a fantastic job (me too for the stuff I helped with)!  It's really really nice.

Got the house put somewhat back together and the worst of it cleaned up.  Needs more TLC, but I'll get it done.

Tough weekend..... some prayers headed our way would be appreciated.

Photos of the dining room coming soon.