Friday, June 4, 2010


Love this photo that hubby took.  Look at the bee hovering near the rose.  Fantastic picture that needs a scrap page!

It's been a long and crazy week!  I'm glad the weekend is here and I'm hoping for a better one that the last one.  I think we are having some major "growing pains" and adjustments with hubby's "retirement".  Hopefully we get it figured out and everyone finds a happy medium.

Hoping our next big house project will be to finish up the siding on the outside.  It's a definite eyesore and I'm surprised that our neighbors haven't seriously complained by now.  I know hubby wants to tackle Ollie's room, but he really wants it to wait until SAT/finals, etc. and school is out before we start displacing him and his room.  Ollie knows how long the dining room took and I think it makes him a little nervous.  I can understand that, but his room really is a paint job, baseboard and a new ceiling fan.  I think if we work hard at it, we could have it done in a couple of days ... week max.

Counting down the days until vacation!  I can't wait to get away and enjoy the beach and sunshine.  We have a running list going of what we need to take with.  Finally broke down and bought a carrier bag for the roof so that we can put the chairs and beach stuff up there instead of overpacking inside the truck.  Trying to plan what kind of kitchen things we need to take.  I want to make sure that hubby enjoys himself and gets to cheat some, but we do need to watch his sugar so we'll need to plan our eating more carefully than usual.  Hoping we will get some gym time in, plenty of swimming and lots and lots of walking on the beach.

Have it all set up for someone to house and cat sit.  Glad that's taken care of so we have no worries about that.

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