Friday, June 18, 2010


The week has flown by and boy am I glad it's Friday! 

Ollie has taken a huge interest in the World Cup so far.  It's funny because he played soccer (both travel and rec) and loved it until he started playing hockey.  He dropped soccer immediately and never looked back.  It's interesting to see him showing an interest again all the sudden.  Although he loves any type of world competition.  He loves both summer and winter olympics.  Watched this past winter olympics every chance he got.  He's got a list of who he wants to see win for World Cup.  It should come as no suprise that England is his top and ultimate pick.  Kid loves everything to do with England.

Tonight we are going to see the Scorpions at the PNC Arts Center.  I couldn't believe when Ollie started telling me all about this great group that is doing a farewell tour.  I laughed when he told me who because I loved them years and years ago when I was a kid.  I remember visiting Dad when I was 13 and going to the beach for family camp out.  I had their Blackout album on tape and listened to it over and over and over again while laying in the sun on the beach.  Ollie's teacher told him not to be surprised if instead of "Rock You Like a Hurricane", they are more now like a rain storm or sprinkle! LOL  Should be a good concert, I'm excited to go.

Ollie has spring hockey playoffs this weekend.  Between those, the concert, Father's Day and one of his friends graduation party .... it's gonna be a busy weekend.  Also need to start packing some stuff for our trip to Myrtle Beach.  We've had a list going for months now so it should be pretty easy to start putting together.  We got smart this year and got a carrier thing for the roof to put the beach chairs, etc. in.  Will make packing the other stuff in the car easier.

Ok.... off to finish things up so that I can get out of here on time today.  I'm off on Monday since it's the last day of school (1/2 day) and Ollie and I have a tradition to uphold.  Figure since Don is home too that we'll do lunch and a movie or something this year.

Have a great weekend!

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