Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's New Year's eve and we are enjoying a quiet evening here waiting for the ball to drop. I look forward to 2009 and hope for wonderful things this year.

I even got a layout done today... the first one in a while and it was nice (and fun) to get done. I'm going to put together a scrapbook for this season for Ollie. It will be paper and digital as I want to incorporate the programs, etc. from the games.

Ollie's Varsity coach has been on a kick lately about everything being "huge". This game is huge... this practice is huge... this shift is huge... The kids are alwaying around saying "this is huge" and laughing about it. When we were talking about it earlier, this layout popped into my head. I'll add it to his scrapbook for this season.
Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Huge Hugs!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Running through ....

Whew, finally finished our Christmas card! I'm super late, but at least they'll go out pretty quickly now that it's done. I had more ideas for it, but I'm simply out of time to keep changing it around.

The stockings are two out of a set of stockings I did trying to put together a new kit. However, I've got tons of stuff to finish for Christmas so the kit is on hold.

I took tomorrow off so I can finish up my shopping and get some things done. I took apart the living room and gave it a thorough cleaning on Sunday before we put the tree in there. Hubby is putting the lights on now. Hopefully Ollie and I will have time tomorrow evening to do the ribbon (or garland... I haven't decided yet) and ornaments. I need to take the box of nutcrackers downstairs so he can put the rest of them in the front window. I'll have to take a picture when it's all done, we have TONS of nutcrackers. All the way from about an inch high to one that's about 4 feet.

Lots to catch up on, I'll work on being a better blogger once I get the holiday under control.

Enjoy the season!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jingle Bells... Jingle Sales...

Christmas and the holidays are near!
I'm celebrating with you early and for the whole month of December.
Fill your cart with $10.00 or more of products from my store, use the coupon below and save 50%!
It's a fantastic deal that shouldn't be passed up. There are lots of kits, albums, hybrid albums and more to choose from. I've excluded nothing!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Monday, December 1, 2008

FLHS 1st Varsity Game of the Season

The stat girls came by last night and decorated the houses of the Varsity players for tonight's game. They also baked brownies and gave each player a tin of brownies with their number on it and "Good Luck Players Name" written on the top. They did such a great job and it was really sweet of them to do that for the players. Needless to say Ollie was over the moon about it. He's so excited about tonight's game. It's his first "official" varsity game as a regular varsity player. Disregard the #25 on the poster... that's his temporary number (we think) until the jerseys come in. However, there may be a dispute with his #69 (why do people have to have their heads in the gutter?) ... so he may be making a number change. We are waiting to hear on it.

Go Cutters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be a tough season for this team, but with hard work hopefully good things will happen for them. I hope to report back tomorrow with good news.

Go Ollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 2008 ~ Scraplift Challenge @ Digitals

Fantastic job to everyone who participated in November's challenge. The response was wonderful and everyone did such a beautiful job. This is such a fun challenge to run, I love everyone's creativity.

This month I chose a layout entitled "Merry Christmas Miles" by the51mom who was assigned to me as a CT last month. She's absolutely fantastic and I can tell you that I adore her layouts and appreciate so much the job she did with my kits (we are really lucky to have such a great CT team here at Digitals!). I really love the tons of elements layered on this layout.

You can find this layout here. You can also find her gallery here. Be sure to check it out, I could have picked any one of her layouts for a lift.

I hope you can find some inspiration in this layout to scraplift. Be sure to include at least three items by Digitals designers in your layout to be eligible for the prize.

When you've completed your layout, post it to the Scraplift Gallery, then come back and post a link to your page to this thread. This gives us all a chance to oooh and aaah over your layout. It will also help me to make sure that I don't miss sending out anyone's posting bonus.

Here is a preview of your prize this month.

Have fun and I can't wait to see what you do with this challenge!


To participate in the challenge, the thread for it can be found here. Be sure to check out all the challenges at Digitals each month to pick up pieces to a full mega kit by the fabulous designers!