Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Running through ....

Whew, finally finished our Christmas card! I'm super late, but at least they'll go out pretty quickly now that it's done. I had more ideas for it, but I'm simply out of time to keep changing it around.

The stockings are two out of a set of stockings I did trying to put together a new kit. However, I've got tons of stuff to finish for Christmas so the kit is on hold.

I took tomorrow off so I can finish up my shopping and get some things done. I took apart the living room and gave it a thorough cleaning on Sunday before we put the tree in there. Hubby is putting the lights on now. Hopefully Ollie and I will have time tomorrow evening to do the ribbon (or garland... I haven't decided yet) and ornaments. I need to take the box of nutcrackers downstairs so he can put the rest of them in the front window. I'll have to take a picture when it's all done, we have TONS of nutcrackers. All the way from about an inch high to one that's about 4 feet.

Lots to catch up on, I'll work on being a better blogger once I get the holiday under control.

Enjoy the season!

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