Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digitals 6th Birthday Bash ....

Digitals is celebrating 6 fabulous years since the beginning of our store and we want to party with you!  There is so much going on from October 1st through 8th.  Be sure to check out the latest news here.

There are lots of grab bags for great deals available.  Grab bags contain 3 brand new, never sold before products. Personal use for $3 or commercial use for $7, from 18 different designers:

You can find mine here.

There is a HUGE storewide sale!  Save 30% off everything in my store (except the Grab Bag which is already a great bargain). 

Just to celebrate, I have a blog birthday gift for you that coordinates with this month's challenge kits.

You can download your gift here.  This link will expire at midnight on October 8th.  Please feel free to leave me some love here on my blog if you like it.

Visit these designers' blogs for birthday bash gifts. Some are offering one gift for the week, others are offering a new gift each day of the week:

Amanda Thorderson
Barb Speck
Beth Rimmer
Christine Smith
Color With Caryn
DeDe Smith
Diana Burton
Elka Romero
Georgia Oliver
Jennifer Maceyunas
Joyce de Jonge
Kathryn Estry
K Joi Studio
Kalo Designs
Katie Mann  
Lifesong Kreations
Nini's Notions
Paula Yagisawa
Sarah Meyer  
Silvia Romeo

Check out the thread in the forum for more information about games, prizes and lots of fun!

Just keep swimming ......

Busy busy busy..... seems like it's always busy!  It's raining like crazy today and I'm wishing I were home curled up with a good book.  It's just one of those curl up, read and be cozy kind of days. 

Spent last weekend in Hershey.  We had tickets to see Nickelback on Saturday night.  Weekend started out rough for me as I caught hubby's cold and started feeling bad on Thursday.  By Friday and Saturday I was one miserable chickie.  But as they say, "The Show Must Go On!" .... dinner Friday at our favorite Mexican place out there.  Saturday we hit the outlet stores, goofed off and had a late lunch/early dinner at The Bears Den.  The concert was AMAZING as always!  Openers this time were Buckcherry and Three Days Grace.  Both were excellent, but Three Days Grace is better on their album.  The lead guy talks too much when performing live. Concert started at 6:30 and ended at 11:00.  Good times!

Still haven't made it apple picking yet.  Ollie has to work this weekend so I guess we are going to have to go without him. 

Speaking of Ollie working, his boss got him tickets to the Devils preseason game against the Islanders tomorrow night!  I'm soooooo excited!  It was only 2 tickets so we bought an extra ticket online.  Not only is the first Devils game we've been to since they moved to the new arena, my favorite player is back.  I will be dragging out and dusting off my Arnott jersey and horns for our outing tomorrow night.  Can't wait .... LOVE LOVE LOVE HOCKEY SEASON!

Been busy like crazy getting my grab bag and blog freebie done for Digitals 6th B'Day Bash.  Stay tuned for the festivities to begin tomorrow. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Orchard Dreams Layouts ....

As always, Beth is a true treasure!  Here are two beautiful layouts she did with Orchard Dreams:

Aren't they pretty?  She does amazing work and makes my kits look good!

Not only that, I'm working on my grab bag for the Digitals B'Day celebration coming up and I've been using her as a sounding board for the contents of the grab bag.  I was complaining that I really struggle with descriptions of my kits and she came up with one right away that was more than perfect.  I'm a lucky lucky girl to have her working with my designs.

Busy weekend ahead, details and maybe even photos to follow Monday.  ENJOY the weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is it Monday ....

Is it Monday or Wednesday?  Am I right side up or upside down?

I think I might be so far behind that I'm traveling backwards at a rapid speed ....

STOP this merry-go-round.... I want off!

Yes, that's my week so far.  How is yours?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple Crisp Layouts ...

Miss Beth has been busy doing beautiful things with my kits!

Here are some layouts with Apple Crisp ...

I can't wait to go apple picking again.  Maybe this weekend we'll get a chance.  In the meantime it reminds me that I have tons of apple picking pictures that I should use with this kit.  Of course I love this season so much that I'm sure there will be another apple kit in the future.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday ....

WOW, it's been a crazy busy and very long week.  I couldn't be happier that Friday is here. 

Work has been insane after being out for a week.  I've been back for two weeks now and I'm still drowning.  I'm working my rear off to get caught up though.  Hopefully next week I get where I need to be with everything.  At least I finally got August closed so I can catch up September.

Went to the surgeon on Wednesday and they were suprised and lectured me for returning to work so soon.  They would have rather I not gone back until this coming Monday.  Can you imagine how far I would have been behind by then?  Of course pushing so hard is why I'm still as sore as I am and so terribly tired.  Good news is this week was much better than last week so I think I've definitely turned the corner.  The pathology came back clean so that was terrific news.  I can ease back into going to the gym, but no weights or core work for another couple of weeks.  No lifting stuff at home for another couple of weeks either.  Thank goodness the boys have been good about hauling the laundry basket up and down the stairs for me.

Went with Ollie to a college fair at Fairleigh Dickinson University last night.  WOW, talk about overwhelming ... there was table after table and row after row of colleges there.  Colleges are like ice rinks, you don't realize how many are out there until you start really looking.  We got some good information from a number of the colleges he's interested in, as well as some we found along our trips up and down the rows.  He's already been bombarded by mail from colleges, this ought to ramp it up good! LOL  Good news is that with his high SAT scores and GPA kit looks like he could be in for some good scholarship $$ at some of the schools he's looking at.  That would be fantastic!  Time to make a list and start visits and the application process.

My house is a mess and I need to do a serious cleaning.  Unfortunately I think pushing that might be a bad idea and I'm going to have to try and wait another week or two before I can really get done everything that needs to be taken care of.  Maybe I'll be able to get a little of done over the weekend.  I was hoping to go apple picking on Sunday, but Ollie is working 9-5 tomorrow and 12-4 on Sunday and I don't really want to go without him (he doesn't want us to go without him either).  We will have to figure something out.

Can I tell you the leaves started turning overnight last night?  Yesterday everything was green with no hint of color, this morning on the way to work I could see a little fall color here and there.  LOVE that!  Maybe I will talk hubby into a drive either tomorrow or Sunday to see if there is more color further north.

Working on some design stuff.  Digitals B'day bash is coming up and I'm trying to get together a blog freebie, grab bag and get the bonus for the scraplift challenge done.  Stay tuned for details!

Gotta run and get to tackling my mountains of things to do.  I'll leave you with a picture from apple picking last year.  LOVE this time of year!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a Sale .....

Hurry on over to check out my one day sale! Save 35% off EVERYTHING in my store today only. That's 35% off every kit, even the bundles.  The bundles are already discounted so with 35% off, it's a huge bargain.

Run, don't walk.... hurry and shop today!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Introducing Beth Ervin .... Dream Girl Extraordinaire!

I'm sooooo excited!  A few weeks ago Beth approached me after I chose one of her layouts for the August Scraplift Challenge and told me that she loved my work and would be willing to be on my Creative Team if I needed anyone.  BOY DO I!  I haven't had a Creative Team for quite a while and I'm thrilled that she wants to work with my kits. 

Here are two layouts she did with Class Act and Dream Your Own Monogram for School:

Aren't they wonderful?  She's incredible and I can't wait to share more with you as we go!


Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm looking........

I'm searching everywhere, but it appears I've lost my creative mojo again.  Anyone seen it?  I really need to put a leash on it so it stops running away on me! ☺

Here's a pretty picture from our backyard I found when browsing through some photos.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 2010 ~ Scraplift Challenge

Join me at Digitals for this month's scraplift challenge! You can find the thread here.

WELCOME TO September!

I apologize for the super last posting of this challenge. August 30th I went to the emergency room with pains in my side that had gotten worse over several days. I ended up having emergency gall bladder removal surgery and am just now getting up and about. I can't believe how fast the summer went. My son started school on September 2nd and it's amazing to realize that he's a senior this year.

Great layouts in response to last months challenge! This is such a fun challenge to run, everyone is so creative and I love all the different takes on the layouts each month.

This month I chose 1961 Tupper Lake by lisar. This layout is FANTASTIC. The journaling, the cluster of photos, everything! Tons of inspiration here!

You can find this layout here. You can also find her gallery here. Be sure and check out her gallery for one beautiful layout after another. I sure hope you'll stop by and leave her some love.

I hope you can find some inspiration in this layout to scraplift. Be sure to include at least three items by Digitals designers in your layout to be eligible for the prize.

When you've completed your layout, post it to the Scraplift Gallery, then come back and post a link to your page to this thread. This gives us all a chance to oooh and aaah over your layout. It will also help me to make sure that I don't miss sending out anyone's posting bonus.

Here is a preview of your prize this month.

Have fun and I can't wait to see what you do with this challenge!

Back in the saddle ...

Well, after emergency gall bladder surgery on August 30th, I'm starting to feel at least a little human again.  I'm super behind on everything and need to catch up.... but hoping to have some layouts, info, etc. posted shortly.

Time to dig into the piles!