Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just keep swimming ......

Busy busy busy..... seems like it's always busy!  It's raining like crazy today and I'm wishing I were home curled up with a good book.  It's just one of those curl up, read and be cozy kind of days. 

Spent last weekend in Hershey.  We had tickets to see Nickelback on Saturday night.  Weekend started out rough for me as I caught hubby's cold and started feeling bad on Thursday.  By Friday and Saturday I was one miserable chickie.  But as they say, "The Show Must Go On!" .... dinner Friday at our favorite Mexican place out there.  Saturday we hit the outlet stores, goofed off and had a late lunch/early dinner at The Bears Den.  The concert was AMAZING as always!  Openers this time were Buckcherry and Three Days Grace.  Both were excellent, but Three Days Grace is better on their album.  The lead guy talks too much when performing live. Concert started at 6:30 and ended at 11:00.  Good times!

Still haven't made it apple picking yet.  Ollie has to work this weekend so I guess we are going to have to go without him. 

Speaking of Ollie working, his boss got him tickets to the Devils preseason game against the Islanders tomorrow night!  I'm soooooo excited!  It was only 2 tickets so we bought an extra ticket online.  Not only is the first Devils game we've been to since they moved to the new arena, my favorite player is back.  I will be dragging out and dusting off my Arnott jersey and horns for our outing tomorrow night.  Can't wait .... LOVE LOVE LOVE HOCKEY SEASON!

Been busy like crazy getting my grab bag and blog freebie done for Digitals 6th B'Day Bash.  Stay tuned for the festivities to begin tomorrow. 

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