Friday, January 9, 2009


I've got my photos for my Project 365 taken but need to catch up on the posting. I'm working on my first week's layout also... so hopefully that comes soon.

I think I've found a little creative mojo, but it's not flowing abundantly yet. Baby steps I suppose.

Found out a couple of days ago that Mom is having a knee replacement surgery next Tuesday. She's super nervous and worried about it. She injured this leg in a bad motorcycle accident when she was 16 and they had a hard time saving her leg. It's simply amazing that this knee (which has no knee cap) has lasted this long. I think she's so used to pain and problems from it that she doesn't realize how bad it really is. She'll probably be amazed how much better things are once she heals from the surgery.

Ollie has a JV game today, a Varsity game tomorrow and that awful 6:15 a.m. Varsity practice on Sunday. We are expecting a decent size snow storm tomorrow ... so the game and early practice may be up in the air.

More to come later when I catch up my Project 365 stuff.

Oh.... and I almost forgot. I had a lovely comment the other day asking if I would be offering my Balance word art. I am more than happy to share my word for this year and will try to get it up this weekend.

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