Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday ....

Eeeekkkk where did the weekend go???? We were super busy over the weekend and it flew by so fast I couldn't believe it when the alarm went off this morning. Good news is the sun is shining and the rain finally stopped. What a dreary weekend and overly hot and humid. I'm looking forward to cool and crisp fall days. We are seeing a little peek of color in the trees.

Two games this weekend. Ollie played and was super sore after Saturday night, but seemed to do better last night. I'm hoping we've finally turned the corner on the Achilles tendon problem for him. Maybe if we keep him out of dryland training and practice this week we'll get him to 100%. I'm sure hoping! Sunday's game we were short a bunch of players. He played a ton of time in the game and came out ok, that's a good sign. He goes to the trainer after school today for a check in, we'll see what he thinks.

I'm furiously trying to finish up my grab bag for the Digitals birthday party this week. Two parts are done and have been for a bit now. I'm having so much fun on the 3rd piece (hint: it's a kit!) that I can't seem to finish it up. I'm going to have to call it done today and get it packaged and ready to go. Let's just say my bag will be a bargain! I've got to get it done so I can get to work on my blog train... I already know what it's going to be, it's just getting the work done. LOL

I talked to my Dad last night. I didn't know he and Mom were following my blog. Soooo a big shout out to the folks! They are leaving Alaska today and heading back to Washington. No cell reception while going through Canada, but maybe they'll see the blog if they get internet at some point. Here's a really great picture of Ollie from the first game this season. I'm through editing two of the games so far, the rest will follow as soon as I get everything done design wise.

Ok, lots of work to get done and lots of design stuff.....

Enjoy life!

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