Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look what's coming ...

It's going to be a great bash, so mark your calendar to check in for all the fun. I will be participating in the grab bag and blog train. Sisters by Heart is also putting in a grab bag. You don't want to miss them!

It's crazy around here, so much to do and definitely not enough hours to get it done. Lots of hard stuff going on too. Sig (one of my bosses) has had the cancer re-appear in two spots on his lung, a new development is that they also just found three very tiny spots on his brain. Needless to say work is hectic and very stressful at the moment. We've had several injuries with hockey on the travel team so far. We have one player with a broken right ankle, one with a deeply cut (to the bone... think lots and lots of blood) right ankle that got stepped on with a skate in Saturday's nights game and Ollie with what we think is a strained achilles tendon on his right ankle. Sound like we have a right ankle issue going on???? Poor Ollie has been limping around since last week. We think something happened in dryland and it just got more and more sore and irritated. He's going to see the trainer after school today for his opinion. Walking and running is very painful, but skating doesn't seem to bother him as much because it's a much different motion.

Ok, too much to do... not enough hours... better get busy! Wish me luck!


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