Friday, March 27, 2009


Boy am I happy for Friday! It's been a long week and a very busy one too!

Tuesday the new TV came. WOW! It's fanastic. We have to go get a HD cable box to hook to it tomorrow. The picture with the regular cable box is good so the HD should be spectacular. Even the cats seem to like it. We watched a movie on it last night and that was good too.

Sig (one of the partners I work for) found out that his last treatment didn't work and now has to explore more options for his cancer. He's starting a new drug this week to see if they can control (or even hopefully shrink) the spots on his lungs. Of course the biggest hope is that they will stop any more spots from forming on his brain. So far he's been lucky that they've been able to zap the small ones he had with radiation because they were located in a "good" position. Anyhow, discouraging news ... but not the worst it could have been at this point.

The Kodiak dinner was on Wednesday night. Big turnout and everyone seemed to have fun. It was our last official thing with them so we are ready for a new chapter now. Ollie is gearing up for spring season and tryouts. We have a couple of weeks to get him ready for the first tryout. There is a glice facility out in Fairfield and we are going to check it out tomorrow. You can rent a shooting late in 1/2 hour increments with or without an instructor. Please send good luck vibes his way for the tryouts!

Work hasn't been so great lately. It's just not pleasant at all any more. It's a bad time to make a change so I'm trying to be happy and hang in. Hopefully things will improve.

Ok, enough babbling from me. Still not feeling creative at all ... so nothing new on the design front.

Have a great weekend!

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