Monday, February 2, 2009

New Month... New Week...

Hola everyone...

Yes, can you believe I'm actually blogging today? It's about time don't you think???

Where to start? Well, I guess I've been trying very hard to work on balance, priorities and getting parts of my life in order. I know I started out the year on a great note with the Project 365 photos, etc... however as I kind of figured, it's not the right time or right project for me right now. I did really good about taking photos each day, but failed miserably about getting them posted here and onto a layout. I just have too many things going on.

I've been trying to get my personal life in better order and my biggest goal right now is getting healthy. Of course I'd love to look gorgeous and skinny... but that's not my primary goal. It's about feeling better and getting healthier. It's about treating my body and myself the way I should be treated. It's also about getting that balance in my personal life and accomplishing some things that I really need to get done. Unfortunately my designing has taken a huge hit right now and I haven't really been feeling creative at all. I've really just been trying to keep up with whatever responsibilities I have, but not anything extra ... YET. Of course Ollie's hockey season has had me running crazy crazy and that's the biggest priority right now.

I started Weight Watchers again. This time I seem to be attacking it with a vengeance and dedication that I haven't seen from myself in a very very long time. I'm so ready to take the weight off and keep it off this time. I'm also trying to get into a good habit with the treadmill. I haven't been 100% successful with this, but I'm not giving up and I will get there. I'll share more about all this as I go along. I am proud to say I behaved myself yesterday as the boys were pigging out on Super Bowl snackage... I made some good snacks for myself and behaved. GO ME!

Here is a peek at an album that coordinates with a kit I'm working on. The colors are inspired by Stacey's new bundle of joy on the way and I'm thrilled to have participated in a CD that her doctor's office is willing to distribute. Hopefully I'll finish the kit soon so I can start working on the boy kit I have in my little brain.

Ok... I've got tons of work to do. Keep your eyes open for the new Scraplift challenge for February that I'll be posting this afternoon.

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