Friday, June 5, 2009


It's been rainy off and on this week, so not much got done outside. Last weekend I discovered that we have had a visitor in the yard that ate most of the lima bean plants, ALL my sunflowers, stripped the leaves off all my Blacked Eyed Susies and several other perrenials. How devestating, I was so looking forward to the beautiful sunflowers. We went on Sunday to one of my favorite nurserys and I came home with 5 new Black Eyed Susie plants, 3 Shasta Daisies, 2 Wand Flowers, a gorgeous orangish/yellowish climbing rose bush and 3 Double Dianthus (looks like mini carnations). Needless to say, I now need to get all of these in the ground once the rain stops. The rose bush will go where another one is being taken out so Don will be sooooo happy to help me move the one and then plant the new one. LOL We did get a trellis for the new one so I'm excited about that too. I replanted tons of sunflower seeds and am hoping that it's not too late and we'll still get some.

Here are a few rose pictures I took a week or so ago. I have more that I haven't downloaded off the camera yet.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get my planting done and Don will get the new border for the garden done. Then we have to get the back yard leveled out and grass replanted where we've leveled it. It's going to be super nice back there once we're done. Guess we better get the front yard mowed, edged, etc. With all the rain it's totally out of control.
Ollie has a game late Saturday afternoon and clinic on Sunday morning so the hockey just keeps rolling along through the weekends. Just got the high school schedule for the summer and he'll be on the ice every Sunday, Tuesday and a Varsity Scrimmage on Thursdays.
Still working on design stuff, but not seeming to be able to work on one kit and finish it. Maybe my creative mojo has moved on and isn't coming back. Who knows? I know I need to get back to scrapping more of my own pictures, I'm woefully behind!
Enough rambling from me.... have a great weekend!

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