Monday, May 21, 2007

Did I mention ...

That I love NATURE? I know I blogged about this last week, but I have to tell you how much I truly love this time of year even though my allergies are completely and totally out of control. Saturday morning we went to breakfast, to the hockey store for a new bag for Ollie and to the nursery to look for another hanging basket that Ollie had wanted to get me for Mother's Day. I ended up with two hanging baskets, 3 new perrineals and two clematis vines. Hubby and I eyeball the clematis every year saying we should get some. So we finally bought two of the vines and a very cool planter that has a bottom planter pot with a tall pyramid shaped rod iron type cage for the vine to run up and around. We got a reddish pink color and a deep purple one. Pictures to come when we get them planted and settled. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative and we had a busy weekend so I didn't get any "play in the dirt" time. I'm hoping to make up for that this afternoon and tonight.

Finished up my part of the June mega kit at Digi Scrap Shak and my part of the June challenges at Digitals. Neither palette was my usual comfort zone of colors, however I'm very pleased with the results.

Busy busy busy at work with no extra time for anything these days. Hoping to get some design time in tonight after playing outside, we'll see what time I come inside. Not sure what kind of kit I want to do next (not that I don't have several started... hehe). Any requestions, suggestions? :-)

Back to work......

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