Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New kit and a fun layout ...

WOW, I'm not being a very good blogger these days. My job has been super busy and it taking a lot out of me right now. My dream job would be to make enough designing to quit "my real job"! LOL

Here's a look at the kit that was in my Surprise Box last weekend. It's now in all my stores and I'm super pleased with this one. It's the first one I've done with monochromatic and it turned out better than I expected. Actually this kit really surprised me. I did the first paper and the paperclip last summer/fall and it's just been sitting in my spare parts folder. I pulled it out last week and this kit went together instantly. I love when those happy accidents happen!

Here's a layout I did last night of King Patches that was a lot of fun. I love that I'm having the creativity to do layouts again and still be designing. I lost a lot of that for a while and it feels good to be back in a fun groove again.

Need to finish up some elements for the other custom kit I've been working on called "Rachel & Friends". It's got really fun colors and I've had a blast playing with them. Also got the palette for the August mega at TSG. YUMMY colors!
Need to get started on some other new kits too. I do take requests for custom kits and love ideas of what people are looking for. Please feel free to comment me or e-mail me any time. I want to do some other monochrome type kits and would love ideas of what people would love to see in them.
One more thing and then I must get back to work. There's always the debate of whether people want to see solid color papers that coordinate with the kit in the kit or not. Do you want to see solid color papers in kits, or is that something you can make yourself and would rather not have included? I'm of the mindset that maybe I should add them, but not count them towards the "value" of the kit?

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dedesmith32 said...

Wow my sister! You truly amaze me! What an awesome awesome awesome kit! I love the great texture and the color is awesome too! Can I have it? :)

I miss you by the way....just wanted to let you know that I will be moving June I'm in the midst of packing and cleaning and finishing up on many personal projects trying to get ready for the move! But hopefully soon it will all be done and I can get settled so I can design again!

Love ya!