Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back from Myrtle Beach ...

Ok, so I'm officially a terrible blogger! I was doing so well and then all the sudden I can't seem to keep up with things.

Vacation was wonderful! Super busy getting ready for it, as always it passed so fast and now it's super busy catching up from it. Took tons of pictures. So many pages I want to do.... so many designs sitting in my head.

Bear with me while I continue to catch up and try to get a handle on things.

Here's a quick July wallpaper I did for hubby the other night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Ollie standing looking out towards the ocean.


melrio said...

Aw girl! You are so lucky! I would love a vacation on the beach!!! LOL Good to hear you're back and good luck catching up :) Miss ya....and thank you for the sweet comment.

kitchenwitchnh said...

Welcome back, hope it was really relaxing and inspiring for you.