Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh good grief ...

Sometimes when it rains it just pours and pours!

Feeling good that I decided to take a break. I still have a couple of designer catch up things and then will truly be on a break for a bit. I can't seem to get caught up on those couple of things though. *sigh* Good news is just the prospect of less pressure is starting to spark some creative thoughts.

Still behind in all other aspects, but it will take time to catch up. One task at a time, one foot in front of the other. Right?

Weekend was wacky. Ollie had a game on Friday night. Woke up Saturday morning with a huge huge huge headache and pain in my neck. Took a couple of Excedrin and sat against the massaging pillow that hubby gave me for Christmas. I have to say it did the trick and I ended up feeling much better. Then it was off to the store for a new toaster oven. We found a super duper one day sale at Bloomindales of all places. I ended up with a nice convection/toaster oven for about 60% off. Ended up with another 15% off by opening a Bloomindales account. Funny, I never imagined finding a bargain there! Then went to Macy's and had them swap out the ring hubby gave me for Christmas. I lost a diamond out of it on Thursday night (I think at the hockey parent meeting.... go figure!). Since it was only a month old, that is completely unacceptable! They swapped it out with no problems at all. Also picked up a couple of little kitchen gadgets there (they were having a huge sale too). So what started as a bad day seemed to be turning into a fantastic one. Hubby and I were really enjoying being out together running errands too. Ollie had a game Saturday evening and guess what happened to me? I fell down two stairs at the rink and twisted my ankle badly. I have a twisted left ankle, sore quad muscles on my right leg, a sore right wrist, sore upper left arm and my back is sore everywhere. GOOD GRIEF! Good news is nothing is broken and this too shall pass.

Another game yesterday and then we just chilled together as a family yesterday afternoon/evening. Nice!

Sounds like Papa Merlin is doing pretty good right now and getting lots of visitors. I sure miss him so!

Ok, off to get more catching up done. Thanks for the comments and well wishes! It's nice to know I have so many people in my corner ... and yes, things will improve! Now if I could stop hobbling around with a bum ankle!


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