Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slow Progress

Been working very hard on getting caught up, more organized and in general pulling myself out the funk I've been in. I can tell you that at the office I'm getting myself in a much better place, but design wise it's still not happening for me. I have NO creative mojo right now. Not even to scrap my own pictures. I want to scrap the pictures from my trip to see Papa, but just don't have any good ideas. I haven't even opened PhotoShop most days and that's super unusual for me.

High school hockey is winding down and my schedule should get to a more "sane" level. Travel hockey will gear back up for a couple of weeks and then we will go to tournament in mid-March.

Ollie has had the flu this week and it looks like hubby started with it overnight. I'm not feeling 100%, but so far hanging in ok. Poor Ollie had/has it bad. His fever is starting to be low-grade only, but he's still full of aches, pains and lots of coughing. Of course this started on Sunday so by now he's totally bored even if he doesn't feel well. Good news is that he was on winter break this week and didn't miss any school. Bad news is he was on winter break this week and didn't enjoy it at all! Hopefully he's better by the weekend and can hang out with his friends or something.

Here's a picture of me and Papa right before I left. Love the picture, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

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