Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweetheart Dreams

Sweetheart Dreams is finally in the store!

All the pieces from my stop in the C.H.U.G.S. Blog Train have made their way into a full kit. If you missed the train, or parts of it, I've put it on sale for 30% off through Sunday, May 17th.

Roses and hearts dash in and out and grow upon the vine. They dance joyfully, sing mysterious wonders of happiness and grow flowers to brighten our days. Full of hearts, flowers and swirls this kits is a must have for all your sweethearts. This kit is perfect for love, cute girls (your or old), or your perfect cuddly pets.
Contains: 8 Patterned Papers, 2 Bows, 1 Set of Brackets, 1 Brad, 1 Button, 2 Flowers, 1 Folder, 3 Frames, 1 Glitter Doodle, 1 Heart Chain, 1 Heart Journal Block, 1 Paperclip, 4 Ribbons, 1 Rolodex Card, 1 Crossed Staples, 1 Stick Pin, and 2 Tags
A special thank you to Ollie for helping with the description!

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