Wednesday, April 13, 2011

***NEW*** ~ What a Pear

Juicy and sweet with a soft, buttery hue... What a Pear! This is the season of cleansing, the season of renewal, the season of change. Think fresh green meadows and shady willow trees. Think peace, tranquility and serenity. This kit is just overflowing with the delicious flavor of a sweet spring pear in its many variations of color. The white to yellowish color flesh of the pear was once referred to as the "gift of Gods", so enjoy the fruit and dress this kit up in a heavenly fashion! Grab spring, adopt it as your own, and imbue it in your soul. Then, never let it go.

What a Pear Kit:

Kit contains:  1 Banner, 1 Basket, 1 Bead Border, 2 Binder Clips, 1 BookPlate, 2 Bows, 2 Brads, 2 Butterflies, 3 Buttons, 3 Flowers, 2 Frames, 1 Frame Set, 1 Journal Page, 2 Mats, 1 Paperclip, 4 Pears, 6 Ribbons, 1 Twisted Ribbon, 1 Swirl, 1 Swirl Clip, 2 Tags, 2 Tiny Tags, 1 Torn Border, 7 Embossed Papers, 12 Patterned Papers

Contains:  26 Green Letters, 26 Pink Letters, 10 Green Numbers, 10 Pink Numbers, 13 Green Symbols, 13 Pink Symbols

Contains:  6 Clusters (png format)

Also available as a bundle!

1 comment:

Raylene said...

Simply lovely . . . your alphas are so detailed. Very Springy . . . wish it was evident here . . . . blizzarding right now and we haven't gotten rid of the snow piles yet! bwah!!!!!!!!!