Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colour Inspiration ....

Inspired by some links our designer group was sharing yesterday, I created this palette of colors from a recent photo of my spring daffodils.

Wouldn't these colors make a pretty scrapbook kit?  I'm definitely saving this for a future kit.

I haven't been very good about blogging lately.  Things have been busy with the end of Ollie's senior year drawing near.  My creative mojo has been playing peek-a-boo and I haven't really done much design stuff.  On the other hand, I have been working on pages for Ollie's scrapbook.  Slow going, but I have had much more creative mojo doing layouts than designing.  I really haven't been very inspired to sit at the computer much at home either.

Probably time to dust off my word for the year

I need to focus on getting on a better routine with designing, advertising, blogging, etc.  I need to get back into a better routine of going to the gym and paying better attention to what I eat.  I want to continue to work on pages for Ollie's scrapbook.  It's so hard to believe that he's graduating high school and headed to college in the fall!

In the meantime, I hope you find some inspiration from my daffodils.  After the long snowy winter, the spring renewal feels especially good this year (except for the pollen and allergies!).

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