Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sneak peek ....

Here's a sneak peek at the kit that is finished but doesn't have a name yet. I've sent it to a dear friend and am hoping she gets some inspiration from it. You should see Ollie's list of suggestions... there were some great ones but I just can't seem to get the right feel for this kit. It's funny, usually I design with a theme of some sort in mind, this one was just a random color palette that developed into a kit. I'm pretty pleased with the results, now if I can just name it! Once it has a name, it won't take long to get in the store.

In other news, the travel season is over. Ollie ended the last game of the travel season with a goal and an assist. This weekend is tryouts for the high school team. Cross your fingers, he's really hoping to play Varsity this year. He's hoping to play Varsity only, or both Varsity and JV full time. He's been working really hard and I'm really crossing my fingers that it pays off for him.

End of the marking period was Monday so he's on to the 2nd one now. Drivers ed started on Tuesday and he'll be getting his permit after this marking period and he passes the written test. Report cards should be out some time next week and he's feeling pretty good about it. I can't believe he'll be 16 on the 22nd.... where did time go????? He'll always be my baby!
Back to the piles and piles of work I need to get done. Have a great day!

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