Friday, November 14, 2008


Whew... I'm happy for Friday this week! Ok... I'm happy for Friday every week.

How do you like the updated blog header and colors? I used the new kit for the header and am pleased with how it came out. I love changing up my blog on a regular basis. I also change out my wallpaper and screen colors on the computer every month. I don't think I ever posted my November wallpaper, so here it is.

We got news this week that the high school league is requiring neck guards this season. This protects the players neck against skate lacerations. Unfortunately they have never been enforced because lacerations are so rare and the neck guards are so uncomfortable. We took Ollie to our favorite pro shop earlier this week and the good news is we found something he's pretty comfortable with. It's an under armour type shirt made by Itech with a higher neck (sort of like a mock turtle) that is made with kevlar. It's much more comfortable than the traditional neck guard and has the certification stitched right on it. We sent the information to coach and he's already approved it as fitting within the requirements. That makes Ollie a happy camper!
Ok, so I'm much more nervous about his high school tryouts this weekend than he is. Tryouts are tomorrow and Sunday morning. They are going to be skating at the Prudential Center where the Devils play. Hopefully I'll be back here on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning with good news!
Have a great weekend!


Raylene said...

These colors are amazing Georgia! This on has to be one of your very best yet!! Awesome gal!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I worked (summer job) for the man that first invented the neck guard. I thought it was kinda dumb. But when I saw the big scar on his son's neck (very ugly)and scarry to think that if someone hadn't acted fast and ambulance fast and docs pushed him thru from near death. Internet didn't exist but this many had pics and files of numersous neck injuries. Years later when my boys started playing they didn't want to wear the neck guard but like all the rest of the equipment they got used to it. The chances of a player needing the neck guard are not high but if it is needed and not there the injury isn't something that will heal with time. (skate blade is like a knife to neck) The guards are so much better now and players will soon see it as just another part of their equipment. Many leagues in Canada have made them mandatory for years now. It is time and money well spent. (although now that he has it he won't really know it.....a good thing). Not trying to preach (sorry if I sound like I am) Sometimes people need to know when a rule isn't just a stupid one or a money maker.

I love the way I never know what to expect when I open your blog. I am so loving this look. Great kit!

Georgia Oliver, Dreams Ink! Digital Designs said...

Thanks! I'm happy he's going to have neck protection, even happier that we found something that he's comfortable with and still protects him. I'm all about the best protection out there in his equipment, it's something we never skimp on.

Thanks for the kudos on the blog, I love changing it up.