Thursday, July 16, 2009

MIA ...

Yup... I'm definitely MIA.

It's been busy lately and my sad neglected blog has been at the bottom of the list. Seems it's taken a hit along with the missing creative mojo.

Cousin Sarah was here visiting for almost 2 weeks. We did lots of day trips and sent her home with tons and tons of pictures. She and Ollie got along really well and I think will always be close friends now that they got a chance to get to know each other. She left on Sunday and it's been a busy week at work trying to catch up and getting some things done at home.

Tomorrow we leave for Hershey after Ollie's 6:00 a.m. clinic. We have tickets to see Nickelback at Hershey Stadium tomorrow night and I'm super excited about it! We are staying in Hershey for the weekend but not going to the amusement park this time. Instead we are going to Gettysburg on Saturday and Valley Forge on the way home on Sunday. Ollie loves history so he's over the top excited about the weekend plans.

Garden is finally starting to come in. We have cucumbers, jalepeno peppers, basil and dill. The tomatoes are late but there's going to be tons when they start to ripen. The orange and green bell pepper plants are getting big and blooming like crazy. The lima beans are finally starting to flower. Some of my flowers (the roses especially) really took a beating with all the rain we had and the super cool nights. I think now that it's getting hot everything is starting to recover now.

Not sure what the rest of the summer will hold or if we'll do any more weekend trips.

Stay tuned for a Christmas in July event and blog train starting at the end of next week. Not sure what I'm doing for the blog train yet, but I'll figure it out.

Have a great weekend!
** July calendar wallpaper was made with Freedom Rings and pictures from our recent day trips while Sarah was here.

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Raylene said...

Hey! Nickelback are from a town not too far from us! How about that????
So you had rain & cool nights too? We are finally getting on track, but I'm afraid lots of gardens, and especially crops really suffered with the drought!
We leave on vacation tomorrow - so follow my blog for diary and pix along the way!