Friday, August 17, 2007

Catching up ....

WOW, the week has flown by! Sunday was a tough day for me as always. For those of you who don't know, I have a little angel in heaven named Jenn. She died during birth on August 12, 1994 and Sunday would have been her 13th birthday. It's not something that every goes away, just some years are better and some are worse than others. I think I came through ok this year, just kind of quiet and sad. Here is a layout that I did of her for my Grandmother's 80th birthday album last year. A huge thank you to my dear friend Diann who really helped me with this photo when I was struggling with the editing.

Ollie was able to return to hockey last Thursday night for clinic. He started a full week of 1/2 day camp this week. It's required leaving the house about 7:20 a.m. to get him there on time. I take him all the way up to came, drive down to work, drive back up to Gary's shop (the guy running the camp graciously offered to bring him back to the shop every afternoon and let him stay there until I get off work... I can't say enough about how well Gary treats these kids!), and then home again. It's about 70 miles round trip all said and done. He's done super in camp this week. He's been tired each day and his wrist is hurting him some, but he's improving by the day. Gotta love the kids determination, as tired as he has been he still managed to run 2 nights and go to clinic again last night. Coach gave him a 10 lb. weighted vest and has him running sprints uphill for 20 minutes 3x a week. He sprints uphill about 30-40 yards and then walks down, sprints up, etc.

My parents left on Monday after being here for over 3 weeks.

Going to spend tomorrow having some family time. I think we are going to make a day trip to Essex, CT and browse around. Looks like some nice things to do there. Have a great weekend!

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