Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Grab Bag Revealed ...

Here were the contents of my grab bag. All three will be uploaded to both my stores this week.

Each was a small kit of about 16 pieces, priced at $2.49. I think it was a good bargain for only $2 for all three. Let me know what kind of pieces you'd like to see in future grab bags!

Whew, the office move finally happened on Saturday. It was a super long day and just about everything that could be a problem was except the one thing I was the most worried about. I had no problems getting the server up and running, reconnected, etc. That went smooth and seems to be more organized that it ever was at the other place. Of course I didn't move the server myself last time. Anyhow, got my desk put back together yesterday and some of the office boxes unpacked. Hoping to be settled by the end of the week.

Have some other new stuff in the works. Hope to have some previews coming at ya later this week.

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