Friday, August 3, 2007

Ollie update...

I forgot to update here about Ollie this week. We went to the doctor on Monday to have his stitches removed. The doctor was a bit surprised the ER told us to come that soon. He would have rather waited 12-15 days instead of the 10 they told us. However, it was healed enough that rather than send us home he went ahead and took the stitches out. Here's a new picture the day after the stitches were removed.

I think I forgot to take a picture of the fingers. They removed those stitches as well.

Anyhow, good news is he's still healing nicely. Bad news is that he's still restricted from hockey until further notice. The doctor is concerned about the wound splitting back open or an infection from the bacteria in the equipment. We go again next Tuesday afternoon for an evaluation. At that time, he'll give us a target date that he can expect to play. He did say he would consider letting him skate with the brace on after looking at him on Tuesday. That would at least allow us to get him on the ice for some public skate sessions and start getting his legs in shape again. I'm also going to check into the gym near our house for some speed and quick feet training. At least will give him something to do.

My Dad took him and they left in the big RV on Wednesday. They were headed for Boston and who knows where else they'll end up. I let them go with instructions to take care of the wounds as the doctor instructed and to be home by Tuesday around noon at the latest. I've gotten several text messages and it sounds like he's having fun.

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