Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ollie Update, Box of Dreams Challenge and a Freebie ... OH MY!

Ollie Update

Taking Ollie to the doctor on Tuesday was an adventure! They had messed up the appoinment and didn't have us down for the date they had told us and written down on the appointment card. Regardless, they squeezed him in with a different doctor. We now have clearance for him to play, but keeping a very strong eye on the wound. We will have to back him off playing if it gets overly sore, starts to open up at all, bleed, leak, etc. etc. He can leave it open all the time now except when playing hockey. When he plays we have to put bandaids on the fingers and wrap his wrist. Doctor told me to make a paste/ointment out of diaper rash cream (zinc oxide) and Neosporin. That will help protect the wound from some of the sweat and germs. Big thing is to make sure that no equipment is rubbing on it. He has clinic with the high school tonight so we'll see how he does then. He'll have to work extra hard to be in shape for the season now. I know with his drive and determination he'll get there!

Box of Dreams ~ August Challenge #2

WOW! Super response last week ladies. I love all the layouts and promise to make my rounds with comments. With Ollie's accident and my office moving in a couple of weeks, it feels like life is a little upside down right now. However, I'm plugging along and making progress where I can. Just know that I'm super impressed with the layouts this time around.

As you know, this month we are focusing on font challenges. Each week I will give you a link to download a new font. Use it in a layout and post to the Box of Dreams gallery here. Post a link back to the challenge thread so we can ooohhhh and ahhhh over your layout. Posting back here also makes sure that I get yor posting bonus out to you at the end of the challenge. Each challenge completed earns you a piece of the wonderful camping kit that Raylene made.

Here is the link for downloading this weeks font. The name of the font is 3 Prong Tree and it's a fun font to go along with the theme this month. It's not chunky like last weeks font, so will be fun to see how you use it. Would make great titling, or fun with a style applied? I love to see how everyone approaches these challenges in a different way. Remember you can play along in the challenges even if you did not attend the crop or complete the first challenge. Each week is individual. Deadline for posting each weeks challenge is Wednesday at midnight.

New challenges will go up each Thursday morning.

I can't wait to see the layouts! And just for fun and because I love my blog readers and customers.... here is a set of buttons that coordinates with the challenge bonuses. You can download them here. Don't forget to leave me some lovin' if you love em'.... hehe

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