Saturday, November 3, 2007

My last day of guest blogging at TSG ...

I decided that to post the end of my week as guest blogger at TSG on my own blog as well.



I'm said this is my last day of blogging with you, but I'm sure I'll be back around for a turn another time. I hope you've enjoyed my silly rambling and picking up the pieces of Spooky Dreams. For those of you who missed any part of it, I'm working on getting it together to go in the store next week. If you like my rambling, it's easy to find me rambling away on my blog. Also, I'd like to announce that I've got the greatest Dream Team Creative Team ever and I have started a blog to showcase their talents. Stop on by the Dreams Ink! Dream Team Blog and meet the members of my team. They make my life so much easier and they are super talented ladies. I'm so glad that they've chosen to work with me and my designs.

Be sure to check out the forums today for some fun National Scrapbook Day activities! You never know what Miss Cheryl has up her sleeve. I know it will be a great day.

As this week winds down I reflect on why I scrap and design. For me it's about capturing memories and being able to visit them in my mind and print (or paper, I love paper scrapping too!). It's about a creative release, allowing my creativity to flow and learning new things. Designing gives me great joy and even though it often seems I don't have the time, it's something that fulfills me and makes other parts of my life better. It's about showing my family (and fur-babies) to people and letting them know that they are the most important part of my life. Without my family, I am nothing but a lone person in the world. It's about letting my inner spirit shine to the world without "preaching" about it. It's a stress reliever when the pressures of life and the world get to be too much, somehow escaping for a little while into photos, papers and elements eases the stress and gives new perspective. One of the greatest joys in my life was the look on my Grandmother's face at her 80th birthday party when not only did I surprise her by showing up with my hubby and son (we had told her for a year that we wouldn't be able to come to her party), but also showing up with a 50 page album that showcased her life from a young woman through the present. Her joy in that album made the year and countless hours I spent on it worth every moment. My hubby and son supported me every step of the way, gave me ideas, critiqued my work, praised my work and it turned into quite the family event. To me, that's what all this is about. So whatever your reason for scrapping, keep it up and keep sharing those pages with us.

I'm going to leave you with the dedication page beginning my grandmother's album, one of my favorite layouts because she is absolutely beautiful in that picture and the final page of the album so you can see I intend to continue it. One of these days I'll get all the pages uploaded in one spot so that everyone can see this album that I treasure as much as she does.

Enjoy life and happy scrapping!


p.s. In the spirit of this post and today, I'm making pumpkin bread from one of my Grandmother's Aunt's recipies. After that I think I'll work on some extra pages for her album. Ollie's game isn't until 8:30 tonight.

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