Saturday, January 5, 2008

Checking in ...

Just checking in ... it's a busy weekend at our house. Ollie didn't play Varsity last night, but wanted to go watch the game. They won 5-2 and have a great record so far this season. Tonight he has a JV game, another game tomorrow afternoon. Went to the grocery store .... woohooo for having food! Seems it's harder to keep around with a 15 yr. old in the house.

Tomorrow is Little Christmas and then hubby will let me take the tree down, etc. I'm ready to clean the rest of the holidays up. Other than that, it's just the routine housework and laundry. Oh yeah and with games comes ironing dress pants and shirts for him to wear to the games. They have to dress on game days which means wearing a shirt and tie to school on game days.

Ok, off to get a few more things done before running out the door. Hope everyone is enjoying their first weekend of the new year!

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