Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy busy ...

I can't seem to get a chance to get here and post lately. Work has been super busy and life too. I've got lots of things in the works, need to get some of them finished so I can get them settled before leaving for vacation. I guess I've been sort of quiet too lately... not sure why, just not feeling very chatty.

Working on a gorgeous 4th of July type kit in red, white and blues... tons of stars. Here is a peek at the first page of a coordinating album done which can be used hybrid with the Cosmo Cricket Abby album. This kit needs a name though... maybe I should have a name the kit contest with the kit or the album as a prize. Any suggestions?

Stumbled across an ad the other day in a SB magazine that showed these great stickers that you can have family members fill out. They are the ancestry questions by K and Company. I just ordered two sets. One I will send out right away to my grandmother (Granny T) who will be 82 years old in August. I really want to have these filled out by her with her memories and even more precious, her handwriting. I know this will end up sparking a kit. Also ordered some fun paper scrapping things while I was ordering those. I'm really itching to do some hybrid stuff and paper scrapping again too.

Speaking of hybrid.... keep your eyes on Digitals as there is all kinds of fun and exciting hybrid stuff going on there. It's very exciting and I'm anxious to play along!

Ok, back to work again... busy busy busy .....

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