Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thinking and puzzled ....

Ok, I have to admit I'm in a thinking and evaluating kind of mode this morning. I've read from various designers in the last months about how they feel invisible and that nobody appreciates their designs. Anywhere from a designer that is struggling with sales, new to the business or just doesn't get comments etc. on their work. I have to say I feel that way most of the time myself. I work so hard on my designs and sometimes I wonder if I decided not to design if anyone other than myself would care? I feel like an invisible party behind the scenes wondering if people know I'm there or not. NOW I'm not saying that I market as much as I should, I just don't always have the time and I've found if I'm too active in the forums, galleries and trying to keep up with the scrap world ... I get lost in the web and don't get any work or designing done. I also go through spells where I'm more quiet than others.

Funny, I always wonder if anyone actually reads this blog of mine .. I get almost no comments. But then again, like designing ... I love blogging ... don't know why... I've just really enjoyed doing it.

Ok, enough musing, questioning and trying to figure out the universe .... BACK TO WORK FOR ME!

Oh yeah... and to figure out a name for that kit so I can start getting the previews and final files saved. I've got the first 5 pages of the album done.

Now really back to work .....

Enjoy your day!

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