Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I'm the guest blogger at TSG this week. I figured I might as well copy my post here for the rest of my readers ....


Hi everyone, I am your guest host for this week. I'm running behind today as it is Father's Day and we had a busy busy day. Ollie had hockey clinic this morning and then dryland afterwards. Our high school coach has a friend who is the biometrics trainer up at Boston University. He comes down several weekends a year and spends the weekend doing training with our kids. Ollie loves the training but is exhuasted and super sore now that the weekend has come to a close. We took hubby to dinner at Bone Fish Grill for dinner. Yummmmmmmmmmm

We had gotten him a tool box (one of those monster sized ones that rolls around the garage) that he wanted for Father's Day. Instead of cards I made him two layouts. I haven't posted these in the gallery yet so I'll let you see them here instead right now.

To make a long story short about the 1st layout, this is my daughter that died at birth when Ollie was only 21 mo. old. Hubby would have adopted her too (long story as to where my ex is, etc.... he's not a nice guy!) ... so this past winter when I went to visit Papa Merlin before he passed away I visited her grave. It's always bothered me that she didn't have the same last name. Hubby agreed and I just had her stone redone. Now she and Ollie have the same last name and I feel much more at peace. Also, her original stone was a dark charcoal grey, the new one is a nice pink which fits her more I think. You can see the stone here if you are interested. I need to do a layout with it soon.

I have so many kits in the works right now. I'm almost done with a patriotic kit with tons of stars. It doesn't have a name yet though. I think I'll have a little contest on it this week. Send me your suggestions by Wednesday and if I pick yours, you'll get the kit AND the coordinating album for free. I'm super excited about the album, it is in the Cosmo Cricket Abby shape and can be used as a hybrid project, or just as a base for regular album pages. Here's a peek at page one of the album:

Ok, enough from me today. Be sure to check in with me each day as you never know when I might have something special for you. Also please feel free to ask questions to get to know me this week. I'll try to answer questions in the comments each day.
Have a great evening!

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