Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Sunday ...

Just checking in with a quick post on a Sunday.

Yesterday hubby and I both struggled with not feeling well. This whole flu thing has really sapped my energy level in a bad way. Hubby is still fighting off the cough and being sick in general. However, we prevailed and managed to get up and moving when necessary. Ollie had a game in Danbury, CT. It poured rain and was super windy all the way there and back. One of the roads was flooded out and we ended up in a detour. Thank goodness for the GPS. I fall in love with my Garmin every time I have to go to a new rink! Good news, coach made it about 3 minutes before the start of the game. Better news, they won the game 7-2.

Today I'm feeling better. The sun is up and shining and I seemed to bounce out of bed and get moving right away. I've gotten several loads of laundry done, made homemade banana muffins and am doing some computer work right now. I need to get some programs re-installed on my laptop. Something happened at some point and everything on there seems to be running wonky. Also installed the new 1TB backup drive and now working on organizing our different drives and backups. While things are installing, backing up, etc. on both computers I'm working on editing the Kodiak hockey team pix. Go me... multi tasking! hehe

Sitting up here looking at my paper supplies in the organizers.... I'm feeling a huge urge to play in paper and do some paper scrapping. I sure don't have time for that... but then again the urge may win! LOL

Better get moving. Ollie has a game at 5:00 and I still need to get a lot done.

Happy Sunday!

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