Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March wallpaper ...

Here's the monthly wallpaper for hubby. Not over the top in love with this one, but I guess it's ok. This is a picture I scanned in of Tigger (hubby's cat for 19 years, she died in 1997). The photo was faded and had stuck to the glass in some spots. I did a little restorative work on it, but will do a better job on it for an "official" layout.

Lots going on around here. Still recovering from being sick, but truly making progress now. Tonight we have to go take team pictures for the travel team. I'll be editing and printing the pictures for all five teams. I need to have them done quickly so they can be put in the frames and ready for the dinner. This weekend we have 2 games and then next weekend is tournament. We'll be leaving for Delaware on Thursday after Ollie gets home from school and returning on Sunday. High school season is over. Varsity won the cup for our division, but lost in the state playoffs (2nd round). It was a huge upset and surprise. We were #1 seed and we lost to the 17th seed. They just didn't play the game well at all... not sure what happened but it was a sad day. Ollie is working super hard and already started back with his glice lessons and doing dryland training to get ready for next year. He's hoping to play varsity full time next season. Also, tryouts for travel hockey will be the first week of April, and spring hockey starts mid-April.

Trying to come up with a good idea for a gift basket for the high school dinner. They are looking for themed baskets for the tricky tray auction. My creative mojo is still hiding so not even good basket ideas are working for me. *sigh*

Off to get ready for work. Have a fabulous day!

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