Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Kodiak dinner is tonight. Not only will it be a fun evening, but it is truly the end of the fall/winter season for travel hockey! Yipppeeee ... yeah, I love it... but we need a break! LOL Super happy and ready to go now as I just finished the last of the three albums for the three top guys who run the organization. I put together albums with the team pictures from last year and this year. It was fun and I got to usepapers, scissors and glue ... FUN stuff! Reminds me that I miss paper scrapping sometimes. I have tons of supplies and am feeling the need to get them out and play.

So, it's off to the dinner with my two favorite boys. I get a week off next week and then we start tryouts for next fall's team. The high school dinner is that week also. Spring league and clinic start the week after that. Spring is a much lighter schedule though.

Ready to jump back into the design world. Not sure I'm going to be ready in time for April's Box of Dreams crop... but I'm working on it and we'll see.

Thanks for everyone who has stuck with me through all the craziness the past couple of months. It feels good to finally feel like a human again and not so down and uninspired.

Hugs to all!

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