Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playing in the dirt ...

I'm so happy that Spring is making an appearance here and that I spent time yesterday "playing in the dirt". I got about 1/2 my flower beds cleaned out and ready for Spring. I need to finish the rest of them, get some new mulch down and get some spring flowers I purchased planted. Every spring I buy at a discount Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinth that have already bloomed for the season. I put them in the ground and the next spring I have even more spring flowers to admire. Hubby teased me the first year about "planting dead plants"... but he's now the first one to suggest going up to the nursery to see if they have any "dead plants". Once everything is cleaned up, it's a waiting game until May before I get any more plants. It's tradition that the boys buy me my summer flowers each year for Mother's Day. They've given me as many as 15 flats in years past, but I've planted so many perrenials now that I don't have as much room for the annuals. I just happy to have a jump on the clean up, some years I don't get to get it done until Mother's Day and then I have to clean up and plant all at once! Eeekkk!

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