Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend update ...

Good weekend. Nice that hockey has reduced to a dull roar instead of full throttle at all times. Ollie did get a note Friday afternoon that there was an extra ice slot on Saturday morning. He and three other players showed up (along with the AD and his son)... they got a great workout in and it was wonderful to get some "free" ice time to prepare for tryouts this week. Then Sunday morning started their spring clinic for the high school and incoming high school players. They had good trainers for the clinic yesterday and really worked some good skating skills. I look forward to the rest of the sessions as there will be different trainers along the way to see what other things they will work on.

Went to the farmer's market while he was on the ice Saturday and picked up tons of fruits and veggies. The refrigerator is PACKED! Woohooooo love fresh stuff. Then went after hockey up to another place and picked up some of the bloomed out tulips and daffodils for only $2 per pot. Hubby used to tease me about buying "dead plants" and planting them until he sees the results each spring as our spring flowers get prettier each year. Also picked up some potting soil and new pots to replant all my African Violets. They need some TLC from their Mommy. :)

Funny story, I've been trying to convince hubby we need a large rug in our living room for years. We have all hardwood, tile and linoleum flooring. With six cats and only rugs at the entry ways, one in Ollie's room and a regular bathroom rug, we end up with lots of cat hair "tumbleweeds" that fly around the floors no matter how often you vacuum. A large area rug in the living room (being the largest uncovered wood floor), would cut down on them tremendously. You can see the difference in Ollie's room and I've been trying to convince hubby of this for more years than I can count. I have finally given up trying to convince him and just chase the tumbleweeds around as often as possible to keep them under control. Imagine my surprise yesterday when out of the blue hubby suggested we should get a large rug for the living room???!!!! Sooooo rather than say anything, I'm just going along with the idea. We'll go out looking this week and hopefully find what I'm looking for quickly! LOL

I love that man.... he's adorable!

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