Friday, April 25, 2008


Here's a copy of my post on the Digitals Blog this morning. Today is my last day of posting there, so be on the look out for new stuff here next week!


What a fun week it's been hosting the blog here. I do apologize for not making it in here yesterday, I got swamped at work and then spent the evening straightening out the roster and working on everything for Ollie's spring hockey league. I'm getting the jerseys this afternoon and have to get them organized to hand out at tomorrow's game.

With summer coming, our household is in count down mode for vacation. We are once again going to our favorite beach .... MYRTLE BEACH! As of today, we have 66 days before we leave. The boys started counting back around 145 days till departure. Yes, we make our reservations pretty early! Due to my love of the beach and our vacations at Myrtle Beach, I've already made two summer kits and I'm sure I have more to come. I have tons and tons of pictures from our trips!

Here are two of my earliest kits and yet still two of my favorites:

The previews on thes just don't do them justice. There are additional previews in the store which show you how many fun things these kits include.

You can find Shades of Summer Bright here, and Shades of Summer Light here.

Also, I have a great Dream Your Own Monogram for Summer kit that coordinates beautifully with the Shades of Summer Bright kit.

Because I've enjoyed being here so much this week, and it's Friday and I'm excited about vacation in 66 days, I've put the two summer kits on sale for $2.50 and the monogram kit on sale for $2.00. HUGE bargain. AND, just to throw in an extra, here is a little sampler that coordinates with Shades of Summer Bright that I offered on my blog a while back.

You can download the freebie here.

I hope you've enjoyed the goodies this week. You can always catch up with my latest news and rambling on my blog.

Have a great day!

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