Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday ...

Hmmmm... no catchy titles for Thursdays. I'm super tired, between tryouts late on Monday night, the high school hockey dinner late on Tuesday night, and tryouts last night... I'm living on very little sleep. Thank goodness tonight is the last night of tryouts. Good thing for Ollie is tomorrow is a teacher in service day, so he has no school. Spring league starts on Saturday and he has clinic on Sunday.

Funny story, Ollie a year ago would have whined for a week or more about having to dress up for a hockey dinner. Now that he's played in the high school and had to dress on game days... he immediately suggested wearing dress pants, shoes and a dress shirt to the dinner without any prompting from me. My how times change.

Note that the TSG store is going to be down for maintenance starting today and hopefully re-opening on Monday. There are some exciting things happening behind the scenes there.


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