Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Monday ...

Great weekend, went way too fast and didn't have near enough time to accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish. Never enough time in the day is there? LOL

My trees arrived on Saturday and the guys came and "installed" them on Sunday morning. They were supposed to show up at 9:00, but were super early and arrived at 8:20. There were 3 guys, they did everything by hand and had those trees in super fast. I think it took them less than 45 minutes all said and done. AMAZING! They look wonderful (pictures to come soon) and I'm so excited about them. I can even see the cherry tree from my chair in the living room. Gotta love that! What a fabulous Mother's Day gift that I'll cherish forever!

Ollie had great games this weekend. He scored and had an assist on Saturday. Didn't score on Sunday, but played an outstanding game and had a couple of break aways. He's really been working hard lately and we are very proud of him.

Finally sat down last night and worked on May wallpaper for hubby. I wanted to use my new Fresh Meadow kit and ended up being pleased with the end result.
I used a photo of Miss Kate sleeping on my lap. Isn't she just the sweetest?

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