Thursday, May 8, 2008


Where did this week go? How can it possibly be Thursday already? It's been crazy busy at work and I guess the week is just flying by and I feel so far behind in everything right now.

Here are pictures I took of the two new trees and of the hockey statue with the azaleas starting to bloom. It's been raining this morning so everything is getting a good drink from Mother Nature. I still have quite bit of gardening stuff to get done, but I'm getting there. Inside the house is a totally different story though!

Which version of each photo do you like better? I've been playing around with some photo editing.

Need to make a new to do list and see what needs to be tackled first. Need some serious design time to play.

Have a great day!


dorannmwin said...

Great pictures Georgia. As far as which version of the hockey figure that I like better, I think it is definitely the bottom one. I can't exactly pin point it, but there is something about the way that you've got it standing out.

Melissa said...

Ooh, these photos are gorgeous! Your flowers are stunning :) I love the second versions of each photo, they are so crisp looking.

Linda Pardue said...

I like the second photo of the hockey photo better. The colors seem to be much more vivid than the first one.

MonaLisaK said...

Gee, I am the odd man out. I like the first one better. LOL