Thursday, May 29, 2008

WOWZA ....

Where does the time go?

Enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend here. Did some major yard work and gardening on Saturday and Monday. Sunday we took the day off and went to the shore and played. Went out to LBI (Long Beach Island, NJ) and climbed the lighthouse, browsed around and enjoyed the great weather. Had dinner at a FABULOUS restuarant that was recommended to us by a friend. Just ended up being a wonderful day and a nice weekend without the usual crazy running around.

Spent Tuesday and Wednesday with huge server problems at work. I spent two days being a server geek dudette along with bringing in my outside server geek dude.... we have now resolved the issues and everything is back up and running! Yayyyyy

Now it's catch up time.... huge piles of work on my desk to get done.....

Hope to be back soon if I don't get lost under the piles of paper! Maybe I'll even be back with pictures of our trip on Sunday.

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