Friday, May 9, 2008


Don't forget the 30% off sale at Digitals ends at midnight on May 10th. Seriously... get shopping! Don't you need something for yourself for Mother's Day, because it's Friday, it's raining out??? Any reason at all will do! Now GO SHOP! =)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday. Even though it's raining here, I'm having a pretty good day and happy it's the weekend. Besides, Mother Nature is giving all the pretty trees and flowers a good drink of water. Of course I'm hearing that she might be overwatering us with at least 2 inches. Busy weekend ... Hubby has to work part of Saturday and Ollie has a game in the late afternoon. Sunday he has clinic in the morning and a game in the afternoon.

If I don't make it back here, I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day. Enjoy!

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